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I am now taking clients again from 30 May and workshops will recommence from June.
Dates are coming shortly. 


healing & blessing circle

08 June 16:00-17:30

Cork city - Dervish


advanced healing course

Coming in June


Women's circle

Danú - motherhood

12. June 18:00 - 20:00




healing method course

 15-16th June 



Course about life and death, crossing over

19. Apr. Fri.



Blessings Beautiful Souls
I am Nóra Hormay, an intuitive healer and ascension wayshower.
I have been on a deep spiritual path since 2007 and by going through my own awakening and journey of self-discovery,
I became a full-time healer, a spiritual teacher and wayshower. 
It is my mission to awaken as many people as possible to
love-consciousness, to choose peace and joy. I believe the best teaching comes through setting positive examples.

I support people in their daily challenges and their spiritual awakening through 1to1 energetic healing sessions, guidance with angel cards, consultations, personal healing mini-meditations etc. 
I work with groups in healing circles, guided meditations and women’s circles, and also in workshops teaching about spirituality and consciousness. I give talks about the ascension process to the 5th dimension and the shift in humanity’s consciousness. 

I am passionate about creating small supportive communities.
I am a teacher of the Heart Light Method since 2015, teaching the healing techniques and its many spiritual workshops.


“Nóri changed my life for the best! I started to go to her to meditate years ago and I also attended some of her courses. She is the most kind and selfless person I know! I've learnt a lot from her and she helped me to love and accept myself! She also helped me to get over my anxiety! And I am forever thankful to get to know her!  ” (Hungary)
“Nora’s work is truly from
the Divine” – (Ireland)
"I’ve seen Nora for quite some time now and she’s helped me soo much. Her services and technique are invaluable and I’m all the better for them" - (Australia)
“I drove 4,5 hrs in one direction (and back), for the session with Nora. During the session I felt sooo supported, blessed and bathed in Divine love and energies, also like being lifted to unknown space to me and caressed with something which I can best describe as angel winged blessings...   I simply don't have words to describe the experience... but I'm still feeling blessed” – (Slovenia)
“Nora’s gentle energy and her heart-light healing therapy is like entering into the angelic realm and allowing them to bless you and open your heart. In that space, all fear is gone and only high vibrations exist, lifting us higher and filling us with divine unconditional love. After the treatment, I felt such peace, inner love and contentment that stayed with me. I don’t know how she weaves this magic but I’m excited to learn more from her gifts. Thank you Nora 🙏🏼”” – (Ireland)
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