types of sessions


Duration: approx. 60 - 120 minutes (varies in all cases) 

All sessions are individual and unique, tailored to the requirement of each visitor and session, combining the listed methods. 

What to wear for the session: most cases underwear is most suitable with a short and sleeveless top. Ideally arms, shoulders, and legs from knee downwards should be free of cloths. 

Prices vary depending on the venue of the session.

Sessions, consultations are available in English, too.

Online consultations for foreign clients EUR  40 / hr

Personal healing sessions outside Hungary: 1 hr EUR 60, 1,5 hrs EUR 80, 2hrs 100 EUR

Basic session - cleansing and lifting spirit

The basic session is an introduction into the wonderful world of Rainbowlight energy.  It is excellent for lifting one’s spirit. During the session we cleanse and recharge your body, aura and chakras helping the natural, healthy flow of energy in your system.  We awaken your body to its self-healing ability, which is there in everyone in a dormant way, so it has to be activated. The pure love energy of Rainbowlight leads us to recognitions, awakenings, to understand situations regarding your life which we did not get before. With Rainbowlight energy you can see situations from a different point of view and even find the best solution to resolve them.
In course of the session we fill up the aura with the resonance of health, love, joy and happiness. 
Before certain Rainbowlight sessions the basic session is essential to finetune the body and aura to this pure resonance and to be able to receive the stronger energy flows later on. 
Should a situation come to a halt in your life, Rainbowlight usually helps the situation to move and changes come to surface, to resolve the situation.
The duration of this session is approx. 40minutes, but together with the consultation it usually takes 1.5 hours.  

Christed touch session

​This is the latest, highest vibration technique that gives light and the vibration of health to all of our cells in our body. The most uplifting technique of all. People usually cannot describe the kind of state they experience. It is balancing and harmonizing in an indescribable way.. 

Advanced treatment - releasing blocks of the past

This extremely pampering healing technique, which is partly done with ostrich feathers, is releasing energetic blocks from the past, which we deeply hide in our body, patterns of vows, karmic trauma mostly brought forward from past lives. Ostrich feathers have very fine resonance, that can convey energy vibes into the deepest layers of the body and it can bring up the patterns of hurt hidden down there. We cleanse the aura and the chakras in this session, too. We also use a special technique for deeper cleansing and increasing the resonance of the body. The treatment can bring strong releasing symptoms connected to a certain topic. 

A basic sessio or a rejouvenating session must precede this deep session. 
The duration of this healing is approx.60 - 80minutes, but together with the consultation it usually takes 1.5 - 2 hours. 

Rejouvenating session

Each year 98% of our body is renewed on a cellular level. Our skin is replaced every 3 weeks, and the cells of our stomach are renewed every 3 days!  We are able to recreate new cells within us, but it is important what vibration level we are at. We weaken our cells and our state of health if we are full of fear. First we release the stress energy during the treatment, then with pampering, stroking movements we refill the cells with light creating a balanced state.  We fine-tune the cells and the DNA to the vibration of health. This session increases self-confidence and self-love. First you have to learn to love yourself, only then can you start accepting others with a pure heart.

In our experience the session may be supportive in the floowing ways:

  • releases stress from the entire body cleanses the energy channels

  • releases electrosmog

  • smoothes out the skin

  • stops headaches 

  • relaxes the muscles of the body

  • reduces or clears away wrinkles 

  • aids calm, relaxing sleeps

  • makes the skin more flexible

  • activates the circulation in the brain and the skin 

  • activates the circulation of the lymph

  • activates the meridians

  • accelerates the flow of energy in our body 

  • releases emotional blocks 

The session is most successful if applied 6 times through six weeks (once a week). 

Travelling through time and space

​This is a wonderful technique that harmonises our soul particles, enables their existence in a harmonised, supportive manner. This session is like a guided meditation, which also includes programming the subconscious mind. 

​Heartlight healing - unfolding subconscious programs

We unfold the deepest wounds and blocked energies held in your cellular memory, in your subconscious mind that is hindering your life through a conversation in relaxed state. We do not only reveal these bocks but also overwrite them during the very same session. This session - which can take up to 2 hours - is done in a sitting or lying position with the active participation of the patient in a theta state.

Activation of the glands 

This session activates the hypophysis, epiphysis cerebri (pineal gland), thymus, which gives your body a fresh start.  It helps to balance your immune-, hormone- and nervous system; it has several effects supporting a healthy body function. It is excellent for people having panic attacks, phobias or depression. It helps children overcome fear of school. It activates the opening of psychic abilities, also helps those, who already have psychic abilities but has fear related to it. The session puts this ability into balance in them.  


A consultation is more than just a conversation, as healing energy still flows, however it is the best option for those who would like to find answers to a certain situation and who prefer verbal communication. The topic can be relationship, work, self-awareness, health issue, addiction or any other topic.  

Consultation - guidance with angel cards 

We look at life blocks - subconscious or karmic - with the help of a high vibration angel card set. Angels support us in different  areas of life , so the cards can point us to the right direction what the source of the difficulties or blocks are. The consultation includes the releasing of the negative patterns and energies, and in course of a mini guided meditation we also heal the topic and place positive statements in the subconscious mind. 

Stress relieving head treatment 
This session is highly recommended to those who has difficulties to switch off, who has a lot of stress in their job or life, and who spend too much time in their mind. Also ideal for those with regular headaches. 
​Duration: approx. 30 mins.