I am happy to hold any Heartlight method or self awareness courses in Ireland or any other country upon invitation in English or in Hungarian.



Available in 71 Penrose Wharf, Penrose Quay, Cork city or in Midleton 

You can learn this beautiful, gentle healing method on its foundation level and tune yourself in to the energy channel of the divine unconditional love of Rainbowlight. 
Course fee: EUR 444 - (instalment payment option available)
4th December Sunday 9am - 7pm
Midleton - Heart Space Yoga


Most people carry wounds form their childhood or parallel/past lives in connection with their father. That could be many things: lack of love, lack of protection or feeling safe, verbal or physical abuse. lack of presence, lack of respect of mother etc.
In course of this healing circle we will address these issues and transform them, replace them with positive patterns and programs. 
Participation fee: EUR 30 
9th December Fri. 6:30-8:30pm
Midleton - Heart Space Yoga 

We have dreams, desires all the way through our life, but why is it that some of them do not come true. We will talk about the essential elements of manifestation and will do a guided meditation together to start putting it into practice.
Participation fee: EUR 20
10th December Sat. 16:00-17:30
Dervish Bookstore and Holistic Centre - Cork city 

The angels are awaiting our request, they are keen to support and help us, but we have to ask. How? Come along and find out! As usual we do a guided meditation, this we will connect to the angels, especially our own guardian angel.
Participation fee: EUR 25
17th December Sat. 15:30-17:30
Dervish Bookstore and Holistic Centre - Cork city 

"It is great, that we progress and change, but that is not the most important thing. 
You are not coming to Earth to develop and gain more knowledge.
You are born here to learn to live your life in love.
If you live in love: you love yourself, your life, your loved ones and love Earth,
that is when the real progress occurs!"
/Erika Bartha - our awakener/
Rainbowlight energy is a Christed love energy, pouring 7th dimensional, pure love vibration into our body and aura during a session. It wakes up our body to its self healing abilities. Our body can heal itself, we just have to remind it. 
In the Basic course ​we learn to cleanse several layers of the body and aura: cleanse the spiritual layers with an ancient mantra, the emotional body and all other layers.  
We release the low resonance, negative emotinal, pain and stress energies.  
We finetune, and harmonise  the 13 chakra system, so that we can use them on a higher vibration. By filling the body and aura up with this pure love energy, we enhance the vibration of health, joy and happiness to flow within the aura. If you choose to live your life consciously, you can change your whole life, your loved ones and your patiens’ with Rainbowlight energy.
We also learn about: ascension, basics of healing with energy, Christed-lightbody, Christ consciousness grid etc. 
The advanced technique provides deeper knowledge to recognise what emotions are causing blockages and illnesses in our physical body. We learn what types of blockages are stored in certain parts and organs of the body. 
The advanced technique is for releasing energetic blocks from childhood, foetal period or mostly past lives that we are not even aware of. We release emotional blockages from a deep cellular level, especially from muscles and bones. We use ostrich feathers for this method since its fine resonance can go deeper than the energy released from our hands. We fine tune the resonance of the whole body to a higher frequency. We learn to open the energetic gates of the body, which allows deeper recovery. We cleanse the body and aura, and with a special spiral technique we tune the aura to a resonance that is able to receive 5th dimensional energies.
This technique provides a very fine method to anyone. It helps to release blockages of the past and brings back abilities, memories of what we have known for a long time. It helps us awaken to our abilities with the gentle touch of unconditional love. 
Since the advanced session is based on the basic technique applicants must complete the basic course beforehand
During this course we learn a supporting touch through connecting to the highest vibration Christed love energy.  With a conscious communication we raise the vibration of the body and its cells, we fill them with light resetting them to their healthy vibration.  
With the kind of touch that we learn, you can work much more efficiently with energy.
We can experience what it is like when the energy of the Holy Spirit is flowing from our hands and our whole body raising our supporting ability to a whole new level. 
Since the advanced session is based on the basic technique applicants must complete the basic course beforehand 
The activation of the glands deepens our selection of techniques. Activation of the pineal gland (third eye) and the thymus is very important, because we can affect the whole body through them. The session helps to open up spiritual abilities and to keep a balanced state in the new energies. It is excellent for... 
...people who would like to awaken their spiritual abilities, or whose abilities already opened up, but they cannot handle them in balance and without fear 
…children who experience excessive stress at school, or bullying or for any other reason
…people with panic attacks or depression
… people with very weak grounding
… anyone who wants to live life on a higher vibration and would like to live a
healthy, balanced life. 
The technique is built into the basic healing session with some additional elements, like a very strong grounding, and the activation of the 3 most important glands. 
The new grounding technique is a more conscious grounding that helps both the consultant and the patient to strengthen their grounding on a much higher level. 
We activate the hypophysis, the pineal gland and the thymus during the course, and we also harmonise the two cerebral hemispheres. Since this method is based on the basic technique applicants must complete the basic course beforehand.

All our cells are unique parts of our body, all having their own consciousness. 98% of our cells are replaced each year, which has been proved by medical research.
We can communicate with the cells to re-programme them to a healthy functioning, as a result we can programme the whole body to be healthy. During the session we use a special high frequency music to take the patient into a very deep relaxation state in order to be able to help their recovery by communicating with the subconscious. 
Our body is nothing else, but the physical reflection of the image that we create about ourselves, so if we change our self image in the subconscious, it will result in the initiation of changes occurring in the physical body, too. The extent of the change depends on the level of consciousness, emotional intelligence and belief system of the client.   
We do the treatment on a massage bed and it resembles a cosmetic treatment, since we mostly work on the areas of the face, the neck and the chest. First we release the stress energies then, with pampering, gentle strokes we fill the cells with light, we programme them to a healthy functioning and bring them to a balanced state. 
Amongst others, the positive effects of the treatment are: 
- Smoothes out the skin, making it more flexible, reduces or fully removes wrinkles 
- Stops headaches 
- Loosens stiff muscles of the body, releases stress from the entire body 
- Tunes the body and aura to a higher vibration  
- Helps sleeping, it relaxes you, and makes you calmer 
- Releases stress caused by electrosmog (Computers, mobile phones etc.)
- Clears our energy system and our heart 
- Clears the connection between the brain and the heart to allow our heart to be the leader
- Releases low resonance energies and emotional blocks (like fear, envy, jealousy etc.) 
- Helps blood circulation in the brain and the skin 
Anyone can take this course without any previous training in Heartlight method.
This is an advanced course of the Heartlight method. We learn to communicate with the subconscious mind in a relaxed state.  In theta frequency it is the subconscious mind that talks to us, not the ego allowing us to understand the deeper emotional wounds, fears we carry, that effect our life in a negative way.  These can originate from childhood, fetal period or even past lives. With this technique we unfold these wounds and fears to a level of understanding, then instantly transform them into positive subconscious programs. 
It is a wonderful technique to heal deeply hidden belief systems, fears
and self sabotaging programs. 

Anyone can apply to participate. 
Would you like to know your real self?
Would you like to know your fears, your blockages in your life? 
Would you like to find out what hinders you in having good human relationships?
Would you like to find out what stops you walking on your real life path?
Would you like to start walking your real life path? 
Would you like to open yourself up to the celestial, higher vibration worlds?
If you answer yes to most of the questions above, than it is worth joining this course of self-discovery. We meet once a month to deal with the topics listed in the questions.

Please only apply if you have the intention to complete all 4 courses.
During the course a team energy is created and it is important to maintain that group energy throughout the course as it can bring huge changes in your life.
Main topics of the course:
1. You discover yourself on physical, soul and spirit level.  We learn to overcome the greatest fear, the fear of death. 
2. We work with relationships - including parents, partners, siblings and friends.  
3. We help understand your life path, we also ask for ease of challenging life tasks we took on. We also have a meditation on experiencing freedom which is essential to walk your real life path.  
4. We activate our Merkaba energy field, which helps to connect to higher realms and open up your spiritual abilities. 
There is an optional 5th occasion, where we learn to programme our Merkaba. 
Anyone can participate who wants a life changing experience. 


We spend 1 day a month together awakening your dormant spiritual abilities with all sorts of techniques. We awaken ancient knowledge and energies we used in past lives: shaman, druid, priestess, healer, medium, angel, witch, red Indian etc. 
Abilities open up at different pace for everyone, we are planting seeds during the course and your ability will emerge when you are ready to handle it with purity, love and light and most of all emotional stability. 
We use meditations, sounds, symbols, crystals, mantras, exercises in pairs during the course. 
The 4th occasion is optional. You will find out all details about that one once you joined.
The course does not guarantee that you will open up by the end, but it certainly helps you to purify your energies, challenge you in a way you have not been challenged before. We are planting seeds for your future.
Anyone can apply to participate.

Course for parents and teachers of new generation children 

We can all see, that children these days have different needs, they have different abilities, behavioral patterns. That is because they are a new generation who come to Earth with higher vibration and open spiritual abilities, higher capacity to love, as they come to support ascension. 
They need to be treated, taught, fed etc in a very different way. this course can help parents, teachers to understand them better and have some tools how to keep these children balanced and content to be able to serve their purpose here. 
Anyone can apply to participate.

Archangel communication course  - 1 Day

Angels are always around us, but they can only support us if we ask.
During the course we learn about 17 archangels and 5 ascended masters. We go into great details to learn which one of them can support us in what topics. Just like you do not go to the baker for meat, you have to know what the angels are specialised in to have quick results. 
With short meditations we connect these angels and masters to our energy fields, so that they can support us even further.
We connect to the angels on a very high vibration upto the 11th dimension. 
Anyone can participate.

Support dying people to pass and Soul connection Course  - 1 Day

This is a very uplifting course which I recommend to all healers,
people who are scared of death or who has elderly relatives.
During the course we learn about:
- phases of spiritual development
- levels of Heaven
- healing process of the soul in Heaven after passing away 
- how to support dying people
- how to support a soul stuck on lower energy levels
- we connect to our passed relatives through a beautiful meditation
- increasing our ability of manifestation
Anyone can apply to participate.

Breathing and meditation techniques  - 1 Day

Our breathing is our most useful healing tool and it is always at hand.
During this course we practice 10 different breathing techniques all supporting different areas of healing including:
- stress release
- easing head, shoulder and neck ache
- liberating breathing
- conscious breathing
- heart healing
- cellular breathing etc.
We practice all ten of them during the course which triggers of a nice cleansing of the body afterwards.
Anyone can apply to participate.

Connecting to the masters on a higher vibration I-II. - 2 x 1 Day

Jesus, Mary Magdalene and Mother Mary

Jesus, Mary Magdalene and Saint Mary are all ascended masters of Christ-consciousness. Many people connect to them through the teachings of the church, on a very low vibration (the suffering, the pain, overserving etc., which is not who they are. During this course we connect to their pure higher vibration, understand their role in our life. We also talk about the male-female energy, through Adam - Lilith and Eve.
The course has beautiful meditations incorporated. It is a truly uplifting program for all who feel a deep connection to these masters. 
Anyone can apply to participate.

Unfolding or dark side and turning it into light - 2 x 1 Day

Releasing low vibration energies

In the 3rd dimension where we live now everything and everyone has a shadow and a light part. 
This program helps you see your own weaknesses, fears, any low vibration energies you operate in your life and how they hinder you in living happily and contently. 
The program helps to understand the role of archangel Lucifer, who brings light and we are connecting to its higher light vibration.   
In course of a beautiful meditation we release the vibration of the seven sins and anchor the vibration of the seven strength of love which helps to clear all low vibration belief systems we carry from many previous lives. 
Although facing our weaknesses and Lucifer might not sound that attractive, but this is truly a very uplifting course in the energy of Rainbowlight, which is a pure Crist consciousness energy. 
We cannot enter light until we know our shadows. 
Anyone can apply to participate.

Calling back our lost soul fragments- soul unification - 1 Day

We lose some of our soul energy when we come to Earth due to unresolved issues, debates, broken relationships, fear, emotional wounds etc.. In such cases we leave a soul fragment with the other person concerned and his/her energy effects our life. When that happens we can feel that  we are emotional, easily loose balance, we cannot handle life's challenges very well. 
We spread are soul energy all over the place, so we cannot feel our own soul power and unity.  
We have lost our soul energy through lifetimes. When we consciously connect to these soul fragments, we can call them back and reunite our soul energy.
Uniting our soul energy can bring very deep healing and understanding.
When you do so, it helps you live a much happier and content life, handling your
life events much more smoothly .  
Anyone can apply to participate. (Activation of the 11+2 chakra system is needed beforehand)

Awakening the female power - 1 Day

This is an uplifting program to help you heal your female wounds and allow you to live the woman within on a higher vibration.  
In course of this program we focus on healing all female wounds including motherhood, sexuality and relationship issues. 
We release negative, out of date patterns and replace them with positive, new ones. 
Anyone can apply to participate.
Further courses are to be inserted shortly.