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Heartlight Wayshower
Coach, self-awareness consultant
Although I am an economist by degree, I had numerous professions in my lifetime, that helped me gain a great variety of experiences. 

The journey that led me to who I am now, was quite long, and occasionally was a bumpy ride, but it was well worth it. I am grateful for every difficulty in my life, and now I can even be grateful to those who made this road difficult for me, because without these difficulties and experiences, I would not have been forced to start to walk on the path of self discovery, to get to know who I really am, and maybe would not have made the changes to myself and to my surroundings, and the quality of my life as a result.
Finally I am most grateful to those who believed in me from the beginning, who could see, what even I could not see in me at the time.
Blessings to Erika Bartha, who awakened me.

The first breeze of spirituality touched me when I was getting ready for my maturity exams at the age of 18 and to have a break from studying, I watched the 6 hours film version of the Hindu epos, Mahabharata directed by Peter Brook. It had a huge impact on me, as I learned that past lives exist and from then on, there was no doubt about that.
One of the biggest milestones was my divorce in 2007. It was the biggest decision of my life to leave the beloved England, my friends and family behind with my two boys, move back to Hungary and bring them up on my own as a single Mum. I had so much support around that time, it would have been difficult not to see that there is much more to what is happening around me, than what the eye can see. At the time I had no idea, how many celestial helpers I have around me. I started to learn to meditate and learnt as much as I could about reincarnation. I read most books of Dr Brian Weiss psychologist, who was working with past life regression. I accompanied my friend to a prana healer, who became my first teacher, who made my world tremble. He opened up my eyes and made me face my own weaknesses.
Thanks to another friend, I started to study prana healing, also learned the past life regression technique of Prananadi. My teacher shown me the world from a whole new perspective.
In the meantime I studied many other techniques, like Theta Healing, numerology, astrosophy, and started to learn Aura-Soma and ColorGenetics. Although this latter one    I did not complete, but Aura-Soma is still the part of my everyday life. I always observe the combination of colours I wear, since I know they mean something to me for that particular day. I will always be grateful to Éva Hermann and Géza Kovács for making me fall in love with colours.

I had many teachers on my spiritual path, to whom I am very grateful, but the crown was placed on my life by Erika Bartha, who introduced me to the world of Heartlight method and Rainbowlight energy and invited me to her group of wayshowers just a year after my first course of the technique. I just call them my celestial family, and I love them from the very top of my heart. I will never forget my first course, when Erika told me seeing tears rolling down my face “It is great, that you are very sensitive, as it will make you a wonderful helper”. Before that, I always thought of my sensitivity as my greatest weakness, but at that point it turned around. I found Heartlight in the spring of 2014 thanks to Kata Sereghy. I will be grateful for a lifetime, that she led me to this beautiful technique.

I have attended all self-awareness, technique and teachers’ courses of Rainbowlight since then. I love being a wayshower, talking to people and support people in their life situations in which they feel stuck. Erika taught me that miracles exist and I see them happening every day. 

I also have a very deep connection to Mother Earth and the elementals. I spend a lot of time in the forest connecting to them, anchoring energies to support Gaia and the ascension of humanity.

In 2021 I visited Ireland and my life changed from then. A huge transformation started, deeper than ever and I started to receive divine guidance on a new method, which I have started to use for 1 to 1 and group healing work.  
In 2022 I left Hungary and moved to Ireland on a deep divine call to teach and heal people there. My soul always wished to live there, it is the country where I feel at home. 
(Read blog on this link)

Where is the future taking me? Rainbowlight and my coming technique is my future, no doubt. I want to carry on spreading it all over the world, to adults, to children, anyone.
My goal in life is to touch as many people as possible on Earth with the pure divine love energy of Rainbowlight and teach them to love. Give people hope for a better future.

Special thanks to Erika Bartha, our wonderful wayshower, who anchored the energy of the Rainbowlight here on Earth. She is a real wayshower with her huge heart and endless, unconditional love. Also thanks to Évi Joó, who is our hero, being the assistant of Erika. She is the one to organise everything to keep thy system of Heartlight rolling smoothly. 
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