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"Through the energy of unconditional love, Rainbowlight brings miracles into our lives."

When I am asked what Heart Light is, I find it challenging to describe it with words, since Rainbowlight is an energy, that Heart Light method uses, a lifestyle which you have to live and feel. Joining the group of Heart Light wayshowers means that I place my vote on making my life better, happier, full of love, because I love myself and I know I deserve it. The method has been channelled by Erika Bartha in Hungary.

Heart Light is a pure, uplifting method to raise the vibration of the soul and body, using a beautiful, 7th dimension, pure unconditional Christed, Rainbowlight, love energy. I would happily call it the "touch of angels" as there are lots of gentle strokes, caressing and pampering, which is so desired by the body and the soul. Just the presence of this gentle energy makes you feel like you are in a bubble of pampering love, and that is further enhanced by the gentle strokes, that increases self-love in our system, activating our heart chakra and opens us up to love and most importantly, to our true self.


It is widely accepted that people go for a massage for improving the state of their physical body. If we believe in the balance of body - soul - and spirit it is just as important to pay attention to our soul's needs, in this case, Heart Light could be called the “massage” of the soul. Why is it good for us if we are in the vibration of love? Because it makes us capable to resolve difficulties easier, quicker, with a loving approach, also helps us live a more conscious life and staying in balance in a problematic situation. There is not a single person on this Earth who does not have some known or subconscious emotional issues, a physical illness, low self-esteem, fears, addictions, lack of feeling loved, difficult human relationships and the list could go on forever. Rainbowlight energy raises our vibration and as a result it could reduce our fears, as the opposite of fear is love. When we are in the vibration of love, we cannot feel fear. For this reason the Heartlight method is ideal to support reducing any kind of fear, phobias, panic attacks, even tendency to suicide, since it increases the love for the self, which is key to the happiness of any human being. Rainbowlight energy helps to bring emotional blockages to the surface carried from childhood, fetal period or even from past/parallel lives, which we store in very deep layers of our body and aura. These are like storm clouds in a beautiful clear sky, in our aura (the energy bubble that surrounds the human body). We keep feeding these "storm clouds" by the emotional wounds we carry and eventually the clouds burst and the problem appears in the physical body as an illness. Applying Rainbowlight energy regularly is very good for prevention, since physical illnesses are always preceded by a blockage in the aura, so if we keep cleaning the aura, we do not allow these “clouds” to turn into a storm, in this case a physical symptom.


Rainbowlight is given in a lying position on a massage bed, while listening to a relaxing, angelic music. It is a beautiful pampering method. Essentially, Heart Light is a non-verbal technique; however there are some Heart Light methods that do use verbal communication, but even then, not in the usual way. Naturally, the session itself is preceded and finished by a verbal consultation, discussing problems at the beginning, and sharing experiences afterwards. If you feel that the Heart Light method could help you, please do not hesitate to contact me!


„Rainbowlight is a vision, brought down to Earth from higher realms.

Rainbowlight is a feeling, that awakens a memory in our soul.

Rainbowlight is a touch, the gentle touch of love waking our body to this feeling.

Rainbowlight is a sound - the sound of our soul. Once you hear that sound, it changes your life for good.

Rainbowlight helps to awaken to who you really are. You find your real self through it.

Your very true self - the wonderful soul here on Earth in a human body.

Rainbowlight is a bridge between Earth and the higher realms.


Whom could it help?

Practically anyone, since even in a healthy state it gives a refreshing recharge, a sensation of harmony and balance. It is a perfect pampering, a 'massage' for the soul.

In our experience it may help in many difficult situations, when maybe the medical solutions on their own just simply do not bring the results we would expect:

- supports in situations when we feel stuck

- it can help to reduce stress

- it can help people with fears of any kind (panic attacks, depression, etc)

- it can help couples when the baby just would not come

- it can help to drop addictions like alcohol, drugs, smoking etc.

- helps coping with the opening of spiritual abilities like seeing other worlds, hearing the celestial world etc.

- it can help to resolve relationship issues, understand situations

- it can help elderly people cope with the fear of death

- lack of self love, low self esteem

- dealing with trauma etc.

The list is endless really, these are just examples I come across day by day in course of my sessions.

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