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MY STORY - The path leading me to magical Ireland

Updated: Dec 18, 2022

Two months ago, I was standing in the doorway of Spar in Whitegate waiting for a heavy shower to quiet down and a lady did exactly the same. We started to chat and she was truly surprised I was not Irish, as I totally look it. J We ended up talking for more than an hour, carried on in her car, staring at a lovely rainbow outside. Listening to my story how I got here, she said it is such an inspiration to her, as she always dreamt of moving to Spain and was never brave enough to make the move. So, she is partly the reason I share my story, there might be more people out there waiting to make their dream come true. Maybe reading my story gives them that last push and encouragement.

Since I have arrived to Ireland, many people asked me what made me come here. What made me fall in love with this magical land. Well, the story goes back a long way, with many steps leading to it.

So, when I was about 10 years old, back in Hungary, there was an opportunity to study English language at my primary school before normal lessons start. That meant that I went to school by 7am every morning for a few years. I loved it. I kept dreaming of going to the islands, where they speak this amazing language. I was deeply drawn to anything Celtic. Let it be music or outfits, stories, traditions, symbols etc. I was 22 when I first visited England and I was over the moon. I felt like I was floating a meter above the ground. I walked miles and miles endless for a week in London, my feet full of blisters - looks like I was not levitating after all :)

I was 25, when I went back to England for a year to have a break and I forgot to return home. I met the father of my sons, while I was Morris Dancing in front of a pub and I lived there for 8 years. I loved living in England. I only returned to Hungary because we separated and felt like I needed my family’s support. I regretted that move most of my life. I missed England, the Celtic land, the food, all of it. As a single mum - of two amazing sons - I just simply could not make my way back.

My spiritual journey and self-discovery started as soon as I moved back to Hungary. I started to walk on my path as a healer, slowly discovering who I really was. I turned out to be many things I would have never thought I would be – like healer, teacher, spiritual, medium etc. These were never on my mind as a future path.

Eight years ago, I went for a shamanic treatment and the healer said after the session that she kept receiving a message that I should do something with rainbows. Hmm, I had to think hard only to suddenly remember that someone mentioned Rainbowlight healing (now called Heart Light touch healing) to me before. The healer said “That is it, go and try it!” She was so firm, there was no hesitation. I searched for it and went to the healing course without having any clue what I am going to learn there. My heart and soul was so sure, I did not hesitate. That course changed my life. I went to all the courses of the Heart Light method. A year later I was sitting on one of the courses, and our teacher Erika Bartha, an amazing angel on Earth, was telling us how she is invited to many places in the world, but she prefers to awaken people in Hungary. Out of the blue a thought ran through my mind – “I would love to teach it abroad (thinking of the British-Isles primarily)”. Looks like my divine guides heard me, as only a few days later I was invited to become one of the teachers of the Heart Light method. In Hungary we actually call ourselves “awakeners”, as we awaken people to who they truly are, what knowledge they carry in their spirit. We just show the way to the vibration where it all comes back. For 7 years I went to every Heart Light course, to most retreats and it took me through my own deep healing journey. It changed me completely, my entire point of view of existence, living with love, cause and effect etc. As I was awakening, my magnetic attraction to the Celtic land got stronger and stronger, memories of past lives from Druidic times, the Tuatha dé Danann, Avalon, Scotland emerged, to the extent where I knew there will be a point in my life when I can no longer resist this strong soul calling. My fairy codes also awakened very strongly. I was guided by them and still am when I am in nature.

Five years ago, some severe body symptoms appeared, and I knew that no medicine can help it, so I took a journey back in my subconscious only to find past lives as a nun. At the time I kept feeling that I must go to Ireland to heal it, that is where the answers are. I started to look at the map and I have found Nun’s Island in Galway and I burst into tears just by seeing it. Then the whole trip gradually came together. All sacred places shown to me, where I need to go, so I went off for a sacred adventure for a week to Ireland. It was a very emotional, painful energetic healing journey, yet being on this land was amazing, familiar. I knew I will come back. Three years later I started Irish dancing and could not help but start learning Irish on Duo lingo - I know, it is not the most professional way... The call to go back to Ireland got stronger and stronger, there were times when it was nearly unbearable.

One day in a meditative state, that I did with one of my best friends, we were searching for locations in Hungary for light chambers. Suddenly the word Cork kept coming to me. I knew nothing about Cork, where it was. I had a suspicion it was Ireland. So, I looked it up and the colorful raw of houses of Cobh popped up. Reminding me of Rainbows, I took it as a sign. My next visit started to come together. Sacred places, my 6 other 3rd dimensional soul aspects started to signal from all parts of Ireland for healing or reuniting. I knew this visit will be about integration and it was. Most of it actually happened on a soul level with simple inner healing work before I even got to Ireland. A week before my trip I had a healing session and I sensed a yet unfamiliar Goddess energy. When I asked who she was, she answered - telepathically of course - that she is Danú, came to awaken my druidic codes.

So this time was very different. It was like returning to my land. I was walking alone in the countryside of West-Cork in the middle of nowhere, surrounded by small hills and a lot of beautiful gorse and my inner child, the little fairy started to jump around, laugh and cry in ecstatic state for quite a while. I could say nothing else, but “I am home, thank you, I am home”. I felt it so deeply from the bottom of my heart. I knew this is what I was waiting for since I was a little girl. I finally returned home, I never felt that in Hungary – although I do love my beautiful birth country, but the feeling of being at home, finally came to me. I guess I was coded this way to make sure I fulfil my soul mission.

The trip was amazing. I have been to many beautiful places, with the guidance of a wonderful healer whom I was introduced to just before my arrival. I spent most of my time in Cork and 2 days in Galway. I knew it is only a matter of circumstances now to find a way to return again. My life after this trip turned into the deepest self-healing I ever had and I think I already have done more than the average. In February one night I woke up to an unbearable pain in all my bones. Bones carry our past/parallel life wounds, so I used my amazing feathers that we use in the Heart Light method to release past life wounds. I kept stroking my body for hours to ease the pain, while consciously thinking of letting go of all wounds, patterns from the past, that no longer serves me, also recalling my lost soul fragments. My teacher usually only writes to me on my Birthday, but that morning a message awaited me from her: “I was talking to your spirit last night. The spiritual levels are effecting your soul level very deeply at the moment. Call your spirit more frequently! Your spirit asked me to send you this image”.

I had no idea where the image was from, I just new I loved anything in rainbow colors and I feel deeply about my Indian lives, so it felt good to look at the image. Little did I know, that a few months later I will find this monument in Ireland and actually live a few minutes away from it.

In the early summer I met a wonderful Irish woman in Slovenia, I was telling her about Heart Light healing and how strong my call to Ireland is. She invited me to host a Heart Light Healing course in her place. I was planning to come for a week, but very quickly all the plan has changed and I was thinking of a 2-3 months stay to feel into it, if living here is what I want. In a matter of 2 weeks the energy followed my intention and all circumstances cleared for me to be able to come for 2-3 months. I gave up everything: my home, my car, my healing place, I just knew I have to put all my stakes on this trip. My friend picked me up from the airport and as we were driving through Midleton, she suddenly pointed to the right, saying that there is a special monument, called the Feathers or the Kindred spirits monument. My chin dropped and tears rolled into my eyes as the monument that my teacher sent the image of to me in February was right in front of me. I have sent a picture of it to her and she wrote back “You arrived home <3”. I did not have to think for more than 2 days to realize that this stay will be much longer than 2-3 months, feels more like a lifetime that is yet to come.

So here I am in my dream land, home land of my heart and soul. I hardly spent 3 months here and I am surrounded by amazing friends and I feel blessed over and over. Meeting these people feels so natural, as if we have known each other forever – which we most likely do.

And my thought 7 years ago suddenly became reality. Here I am in Ireland on a mission to teach people to love and forgive, to introduce the amazing Heart Light touch healing method on these islands. I would like to share how energy follows ascension and Rainbowlight energy was sent to us as a gift to support the shift in consciousness. A new energy, vibrating on the resonance of divine unconditional love. It takes us to a higher level of vibration and supports self-love and self-healing to reach the level of heart-consciousness we need for ascension. All I have to do now, is open my heart to make people in Ireland feel the light, that I have felt when the Rainbowlight energy called me so strongly 8 years ago. I would love to train many healers to awaken to this beautiful, uplifting method in them and see the changes it brings into their lives. Also, to touch as many people as possible with this beautiful, gentle energy of unconditional love to help them see their true self, just like I did.

I have been called brave on many occasions since I started to plan to move to Ireland, and I cannot say there were/are no challenges. As a matter of fact, there has been nothing but challenges, but my heart knows I am in the right place, at the right time and my mission will be successful. So, my advice is, if you have a dream, be brave and go for it, even if it does not make any sense, even if your ego screams not to do it, do follow your heart and your dream, otherwise you might regret it till the rest of your life.

If you feel interested in the method and want to experience the magical angelic energy of Rainbowlight, just call, WhatsApp me on 0831685718 or write to me

Lots of love and light

Nóra Hormay

Heart Light healer and awakener

Ascension wayshower

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