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Updated: Feb 4, 2022

Conversations in the past few days inspired me, and I thought it is time I introduced myself to the world. In the first 35 years of my life I lived like any regular human being, spiritually asleep. On paper I am an economist. I was born Hungarian but lived on the British Isles for 8 years, which was magical. Then I got divorced and returned home to Hungary. My spiritual awakening started then. My move home was full of miraculous support from the celestial guides, which at the time I knew nothing about. I started to connect with healers, spiritual teachers and my path on self discovery began. It was quite a roller coaster in the first 7 years, while I was still working in regular jobs. I have learnt prana healing, I started Aura Soma and Colorgenetics, studied coaching. I deep dived in any book and video that gave me understanding of the invisible world around us. Spirituality became my passion. It was really hard at the start, trying to understand who I really am, which was surely not who I was at the time. By now, I became a new me, the real me and I am sure there is parts of me yet to unfold.

The great breakthrough came to my life when I heard about Heartlight healing – it was called Rainbowlight healing at the time - which drawn me like a magnet. I went to the first course without having had any experience or knowledge of it. And it was magical, I instantly felt at home in that energy. Our wayshower, Erika Bartha, came to my massage bed after the healing practice, seeing that tears were rolling down my face. I told her that I am extremely sensitive, emotional and I feel it is pathetic that I cry over practically anything. She looked me straight in the eye and said: “Your empathy is your greatest gift, as that will make you an excellent healer”. That turned my world around. I fell in love with Rainbowlight energy and it pretty much became my life. In the first year I took all the available courses. I remember when at the end of the year I was on a Heartlight course. Our wayshower, Erika was telling us how she is invited all over the world, but she does not want to travel, she has to be here in Hungary. A thought instantly ran through my head, that I would love to travel and spread the knowledge of this beautiful method around the world. I did not even know at the time that she trains wayshowers. Few days later I had a call from her wonderful assistant, Evi and said I am invited to join the wayshower group. I was deeply touched. I was also puzzled, I had no idea why me. I had no clair abilities at the time while, others were already really advanced. Some have been healing for years, I only started a year before. Erika reassured me,, I will know in time why. My road of self discovery began on a deeper level.

My spiritual abilities gradually opened up. I participated in all possible courses in the next 6 years, but lived in a bit of a hermit mode. Connecting to Gaia more than humans. I have a special connection to fairies and to Mother Earth. Since my awakening, that connection got deeper and deeper. I “talk” to nature and in a way nature talks back to me. I had miraculous experiences with nature. I remember when I had a real transformation period in my life after my divorce. I was walking down the forest - which I do at least twice a day - and suddenly a dragonfly started to circle around my head really close. I was surprised, although at the time it was not that unusual in my life. But suddenly there were 3 dragonflies circling and more and more. I thought I must have lost my mind. I started to count them and stopped at around seventy, as I looked around and they were absolutely everywhere. I was in a cloud of hundreds of dragonflies in the middle of the forest with no water anywhere near. It was magical. I started to laugh and cry at the same time, hoping around with joy, I knew it was a sign that big changes are to come into my life. They did.

My connection to Mother Earth became exciting. My divine masters guided me to places and asked to anchor energies, place crystals in the ground. That is how I was guided to Ireland first, which is the home of my soul for sure. Then to Switzerland and back to Ireland last year again. I had no idea what I was doing, but I felt deep in my heart, that it supported Gaia and humanity. I always lived near forests. I cannot imagine a day without touching trees. Oaks and cedars are my favourite. They are wonderful creatures. I love to talk to them and hug them.

Through my self discovery many “adventures” arrived. After a while I started to have really unusual healing experiences of my own and realized that I am doing some collective healing through my body. Some of the healing experiences were scary at times, but I always got as much as I could handle. Now I consciously work that way. Whatever heals in me, I always ask my guides to anchor the cleansed energy to the collective field. Eventually I also started to awaken to my priestess past, especially connected to Avalon. This opened up a whole new world to me.

After a while I had extraterrestrials contacting me in a very gentle, loving, beautiful way. Giving me guidance, sometimes showing me healing techniques. I know now, that there are many aliens out there helping us with all their hearts to support ascension on Earth.

You could ask, why am I sharing all this? In one way, because I lately realized that many people go through what I have been through and they have no one to share it with. At least now they know they are not alone. I know how reassuring that can be. Also, I guess it is time! I can no longer hide. I was told by many astrologists that I have to travel and teach, talk to people, as that is my path. That I would love to do with all my heart. And here I am now, I guess ready to get out of my comfort zone, my safe hermit mode and get on the road and do what I am called to do: teach people around the world to love, raise heart-consciousness and be a humble helper of Gaia wherever the road takes me.

Life is an adventure, we have to live it, so let’s do it!

Lots of love


Heartlight wayshower

PS. just realized my personal Aura Soma bottle is “Get up and go” - fits in really well

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