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Writing challenge

Updated: Mar 25

My friend pulled me a card the other day from his card deck, and it said I should be writing more on a regular basis. Then another friend from a totally different source and country suddenly wrote to me, that I should be writing my book. Now I know that it is part of my path, but apart from my occasional blogs I kind of shove it under the carpet. That is actually strange, as I recently realized, that I actually do like writing. I was looking for something in my old Hungarian blogs few days ago and I was amazed how I did not remember much of it. The reason might be that when you write you are in a different state of mind, you become a channel, a writing medium. Poets, writers work exactly the same way. Sentences and words we write just comes out of “nowhere”, or more like from a pool of collective consciousness, a cloud of universal information base. So, I decided to challenge myself for a month, this way I am committing myself to stick with it. I will write whatever comes, so please read with an open mind and heart! 🥰


Dealing with an average day for a clairsentient

There are times when you just simply feel tense and you have no particular reason why. This is especially true in the energetically rather intense times we experience at the moment. Like this morning, I felt like I am on a “cross”, stretched, torn apart, stress in my body overloaded – no particular reason. It is just so.

Step1: acceptance and breathwork. That always helps. Then you start talking to other people and not that surprisingly, they go through similar experiences.

Step 2: So, I have a quick read what the astrologists forecast for the day – not the 2 sentence ridiculous forecasts you find in daily / weekly papers, but the proper full-on analyses of star, planetary and asteroid alignments. I usually find some answers to my tense state – as above, so below. Just to clarify, it is not really caused by the stars and planets, it’s the energetics that they stand for gives an opportunity to understand, release and heal certain topics within us individually or collectively.

Step 3: I tune in with my lower soul aspects, as they can cause trouble if they go through challenges. I am not going to explain this any further. I talk about them in more details on my courses.

Step 4: Tune into the collective events, since humanity is one united consciousness, so whatever happens out there is effecting all of us. Now being in the midst of a huge shift in consciousness, first we are going through a deep emotional cleansing and also chaos to clear density, break down old ways, old self, outdated belief system, structures etc. This is where being a supersensitive clairsentient becomes a pain, as I can feel far too much of the collective fear, grief, cleansing than an average human being.

Step 5: No matter what the source of the tension is, it is time to get rid of it. I make a conscious decision, which we can do in any moment, any situation, that I do not want to get stuck in this state, so I use all the self-healing tools up my sleeve to shift this tension, raise my vibration above the level of fear, pain, tension. Finally enjoy the peace and balance that returns.


An evening with the bards - inspired by poetry ✒️

Tonight, I joined a beautiful event in Alchemy Café in Cork. Two of my friends were holding a poetry evening. I have to admit, that although I love reading, I am a bit of a book worm, poetry was never really a thing for me. That has changed when my lovely friend Aisling started to channel these most amazing poems from the land of Ireland.

I am not Irish in blood, but for a very long time I felt Irish in my soul 💚, which after many years of waiting brought me to this magical land and I love every minute of it. Every time I listen to Aisling’s poems - and I note here that they really work when she personally reads them- I just feel that the words live within me. All that she is writing about is in my cellular memory, be that the famine or the Tuatha dé Danann. It feels like, that the vibration of the words awaken some memories, some for healing, some for joy. I know about the term bard, but never really gave it much thought. Although I heard many poems read before, this is different. When she reads them, it changes the energy around and within. To me, that is what a bard is. And she truly has become a bard lately in the most beautiful way. What a blessing to have such talented people around.

Then there are the magical poems of Samo, whom I met in a workshop in Slovenia. I remember he gave me one of his poems, the Lightbringer ✨. I read it so many times and it is on my door ever since, as it resonates with my beingness very deeply. His words just bring in a vibration that speaks to you in your core. I love the drive that Samo has and the way he presents his poems. It is all magic, how the vibration of the words weaves in the air. Both of their work is truly inspiring.💝

Although I was prepared for their performance only, the night took an unexpected turn, when an elderly man arrived, not knowing what is happening here, but ended up telling a beautiful poem. After the break Aisling offered for anyone present to share their gift in whatever shape and form it is presented, which I thought was a wonderful offering. It gave encouragement to some people to share their talent, that they do not usually do. As a result, two ladies also turned out to have written poems, and they shared one each. We also had two songs coming up. It was so heartwarming to see, how many people have these hidden talents and now they are all ready to share. An evening of performance turned into an evening of sharing in a small community. It was a beautiful evening and I believe more of it will come in the future. I felt blessed to be present in this magical gathering and I am grateful for these amazing talented people. Everybody should shine their light!✨🥰


Queen feminine archetype

For 2 years I have put a paper clipping of the words queen / majesty on my yearly vision board. I never filter what I feel inspired to put on it, so on it went, but I had no idea why, up until now. It was asking for healing. In February, with the inspiring or more like deeply cleansing dance of Venus and Mars in the sky in different alignments with the planets really stirred up wounds in the masculine – feminine topic, surely not just for me. This is a collective healing, transformation, as we need the masculine -feminine energy to come back to balance within us to make the shift in consciousness on Earth happen. So, digging deeper I found some asteroids indicating some wounds. At the very same time my lovely karma astrologist friend recommended a book about the astrological effect of the asteroids leading me to Juno, who is also known as Hera in Greek mythology. A typical archetype of the wounded woman, the queen or goddess. At the time I did not even know there is such feminine archetype as the “Queen”. I got curios – as always - , being triggered by stories in the world, so I dug even deeper, to find that the Queen archetype is really the woman, who is usually married by arrangement and is being cheated on, the king having many mistresses. A woman who has to appear strong, put the brave and happy face on for the sake of the stability of the kingdom, while deep within she is suffering from the circumstances. Now just like in the case of Hera in mythology, suffering creates frustration, then anger, sometimes even hatred. That never ends up well. We can see similarities in relationships without kingdom, as it is all symbolic. And I am also not indicating that it cannot happen the other way around. We can see all variations, but essentially it goes back to the feminine and masculine energy, not the gender we are born in.

My whole life seems to be about digging deep into archetypes and then transforming and creating new blueprints in my consciousness. After having received so much information and additional guidance from above, I decided, it is time to change this queen archetype for something greater. So, I went into a meditation and on a higher realm Archangel Raziel started communicating with me. I asked for help in rewriting this pattern. So, Raziel guided me through a beautiful vision. I have seen a lovely queen and king sitting on a wide throne as equals, in total harmony. On top of that they were absolutely in love, not having separate bedrooms like you see in the old castles and mansions kings and queens having separate wings in the building. Instead, they were sharing their passion for each other. Content, affectionate and co-creators in their kingdom. Then I could see this queen and king descending to Earth, seeing them in a circle of people in a beautiful natural environment, in a community, sitting as equals, being wayshowers, but not being superior in any way. They were more like a couple with strong leadership skills, but in the most humble, loving way. And again, this is symbolic. I guess this could apply to our everyday world. I know far too many people who are yearning for the kind of relationship that is based on trust, compassion, respect, love, passion. We know, what exists in the metaphysical will eventually manifest in the physical, so let’s bring it on. Anchoring a new paradigm for relationships, leaderships with true, loving qualities. Essentially it happens through working on our own inner masculine and feminine energy. As always, all answers are within us.


Messages from above

My laptop randomly brings up cover images, each usually lasting 2-3 days. For at least 8 days now, I had a beautiful humming bird coming up on the opening screen. I enjoy the sight of this photo and after a few days I noticed how it is not changing. That can only mean there are messages hidden in it for me. So, after 4 days I started to read upon the humming bird as a spirit animal. Of course the universe always sends very apt messages and after a rather challenging time it is telling me to bring the joy back into my life.

Another few days went by and to my greatest surprise the humming bird was still there. Clearly I have to look deeper. I have noticed that the colours of the image reminds me of one of the Aura Soma bottles. So, this morning I decided to pick up my Aura Soma book and read the messages of the bottle B106. Archangel Ratziel is the name of the bottle. What else, how interesting having had Raziel in my meditation as a helper yesterday. And the description of the bottle does resonate with a lot of healing that is going on within and outside. My life for many years is magical, at least that is how it feels to me. Full of synchronicities, clues, guidance from my divine entourage. You really just have to listen, watch and notice. To me everything is a sign, a clue and since my incarnation seem to be about putting systems, patterns, blueprints together in my consciousness, it is like a great game. No surprise, that when I was a child, I loved jigsaw puzzles. Every Christmas I asked for jigsaws. I still would if my parents were alive. Now I just look out for messages from them from above.

Source of image: AI

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