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Ever since I was born, nature was a very important part of my life. I was always drawn to the beauty of Mother Earth. Up until the past 14 years spirituality was nowhere near part of my life, my understanding of the role of Gaia neither, yet I still felt that unconditional love towards her. People who littered always made me angry, cars driving through the forest annoyed me, people throwing things into a lake or river made me upset, thinking how dare they contaminate this beauty that is present there. Especially since it is here for us to enjoy.

As I was getting older and my consciousness has grown with self discovery, I realized how I am holding very strong codes that connects me to Gaia. I always loved walking, being outside, especially in the woods. I could spend hours every day just being out there alone. Looking back at my life, the many places I lived at, all had a forest only a couple of steps away. Lying on the ground, hugging trees, talking to the animal kingdom are as natural to me as drinking water every day. When I was young during our holidays at the lake, I could sit on the shore for hours, just listening to the sound of water and later in the evening watching the stars in the sky. I still walk every night with my dog staring up at the sky and the stars, talking to the inhabitants living up there. Marveling at the beauty and perfection of nature is my utmost way of taking in uplifting, universal energy. People should understand that being in nature is the best way to cleanse and charge our “batteries”. When we look at the beauty of a flower or a tree or a picturesque scenery, we can inhale it as energy, and it is there for us, unlimited.

Many people live on Earth not knowing who they are and I guess I had no clue either up until my spiritual awakening. Then I gradually realized the many reasons why I chose to come to Earth. One of them is helping Gaia in healing. Few people are aware that Gaia is a living creature and she provides our home land. She needs love just like all living creatures do. My conscious connection to Gaia started probably 7 years ago, when I have found my Fairy garden (I call it that) in the forest nearby. I have been walking past it for 5 years by then and never ever realized the hidden treasure just a few steps away from my home. Since then, miracles started to happen to me. My fairy codes awakening rapidly, feeling this deep connection to them, too. So many magical experiences happened to me, I could probably write a book one day. Whenever I am in nature, I talk to it, sometimes even sing to it and I know nature loves that. I stroke leaves, hug trees, give them love, even if it is through just words and feelings. I consciously do exercises to ground universal love energy and anchor it into Gaia. Gaia has a love membrane which is seriously damaged at the moment. She needs our love, our attention, our TLC. I wish people realized that if they expand the love in their heart consciously towards Gaia, that helps heal her love membrane. So please take steps and start to love our planet, our beautiful home, Gaia!

In early autumn, I had an extreme heart opening experience, I felt the kind of divine love that expanded in my heart so much, I felt my chest is going to explode, the space in there felt so tight. So in the evening I went out to Fairy garden and sat on the foot of my favourite oak tree. I asked my heart to download all the excess love into Earth and fill Gaia’s love membrane. I remember my clairvoyant friend calling me next morning to say, she has no idea what happened, but Gaia’s love membrane that was badly collapsed yesterday is now tight and rounded. I was smiling, as I knew partly it was all that love I shared with Gaia.

Every morning when I go for a walk into the forest with my dog, I say hello to Gaia as soon I step out of the gate of our house. I say a nice prayer for humanity to live in love, health and in peace on Earth and ask the trees to spread this prayer through their communication channel all around the world. Although I notice all nature’s signs, I always wished I could hear them talk to me. I believe that one day I will. So the other day I was hugging one of the oak trees in the oak circle of Fairy garden and asked the tree to help me figure out how to hear them. At that very moment I could hear a noise and flapping, and a large falcon bird took off from one of the trees nearby. I thought it will fly away, but it did not. As a matter of fact, it flew around me and the oak trees in a perfect circle and landed again. At the very same time a wolf or similar kind of animal started to howl in the nearby wild life park, which gave me real goosebumps. Maybe I did not quite figure out how I will hear the trees talk to me, but nature certainly signaled that it is listening to me.

You could ask why am I sharing all this with you? Well, my celestial guides are asking me for quite a while to share these experiences to awaken people to the magic of nature around us. Help people realise that they can do a lot for nature, for Gaia, just by caring and loving. So here it is, my magical world. From now on I will share my stories more frequently as I am sure I am getting them for a good reason. Humanity needs to learn to connect with nature and live in harmony with Gaia just like we used to do probably thousands of years ago.

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