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My magical adventures with nature 2.

My friends know, that I have a very deep connection with Gaia, I just love being in nature and work with Mother Earth, crystals and the fairies. I can hear some questions raised: “Are fairies for real?”, and although I do not physically see them, being clairsentient, I more like feel them, and I can wholeheartedly say, they are for real. In ancient times we used to see them, children with their innocence still do sometimes, but since they are the guardians of nature and humanity has been abusing nature for quite a while now, we can no longer see them.

The reason I was inspired to write again, is that I visited my birth country in February and could not help but visit “my” forest, that is right next to the apartment where I lived for 15 years. My connection to the woods there was very deep and I have lived so many magical experiences, there was no way I do not go back for a walk to reconnect to my sacred places, trees and my Fairy Garden.

For 15 years I have been in that forest at least twice, but mostly three times a day; at the time I was used to its energy, but not once have I felt what I felt during my visit this time. As soon as the bus arrived to the town of Budakeszi, my heart was already expanding greatly. As I walked into the forest I felt exited, like a child being taken to her favourite playground. The trees were welcoming and it felt like they were talking to me. I could feel them so deeply, they were emanating joy, as if they were telling me how happy they are to see me. The feeling was mutual, I was delighted to meet them. I started to hum the tune I used to sing to them. By the time I arrived to my Fairy Garden, which is a clearing with a circle of oak trees, I was over the moon with happiness and joy. I never felt a forest being happy to see me in such way. I sensed the energy of joy with such intensity it was mind-blowing. I was just smiling and my heart opened up wide to the trees’ beautiful joyful energy. I stroked and hugged all the oaks in the fairy garden. It was a beautiful reconnection.

It brought back all the magical memories. I remembered when about 9 years ago I was in a breakup situation and it was quite painful, I just could not make the final decision which was obvious, and I went up to the Fairy Garden and a butterfly appeared flying around in front of me and suddenly like a dart flew right into my face. Being such a lightweight creature, it did not hurt much, yet it was obvious what the message was: “Wake up, you know what to do”. And just as I was getting my head around what happened, the butterfly darted into my face again, and carried on repeating it quite a few times. I could not believe what was happening. The butterfly was “really telling me off”. Since nature was always my magical guide, I listened to Mother Earth and did what I had to do. I broke up with the man. Few days later as I was sitting in the Fairy Garden again, feeling sorry for myself (like most normal humans I do that sometimes :) ), going through my grief period, suddenly the very same butterfly flew in front of me, came close to my face and very gently fluttered its wings, touching my face and my eyelashes. It was practically stroking and comforting me. It kept doing it for a few minutes. I was deeply touched and amazed how nature, Mother Earth really works with my processes as a loving friend.

If I thought that was not enough magic, a few days later dragonflies started to appear during my walks. I knew dragonflies are a symbol of a rebirth, and new beginnings. Their presence was unusual, as it is a forest with no water (lake or river) anywhere near. One day I was walking my dog downhill on a lane I called Butterfly lane, as it was always full of butterflies. Suddenly a dragonfly started to circle around my head really close. As soon as I realized this is a magical message of Gaia, there were three of them circling around my head. I was getting the message, a new chapter of my life is about to start. But the dragonflies did not disappear, as a matter of fact there were more and more. With total disbelief of what my eyes were seeing, I started to count them, first 10, then, 20, 30 and more and more, I gave up counting, as there were so many all in a matter of seconds. All I could do is jump up and down with laughter and joy, expressing my gratitude. What I was experiencing was way beyond normal. I was practically standing in a huge, min. 4 times my height “cloud” of beautiful dragonflies. I cannot find words to describe what I felt in that moment. I felt magic in every cell of my body.

If humanity knew how much magic nature holds for them, they would would respect our planet much better. Get out there, love and respect Gaia, and most of all enjoy nature, let her open up her magic to you!

I have more magical stories for later, so to be continued…

Lots of love and light for now

Nóra Hormay

Heart Light Wayshower

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