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Sometimes we do not realize how intuition is our best friend or in this case our savior and nature/the universe just works with us in a magical way. I held a long online angel communication course yesterday, finishing after 8pm and I felt I need to get out to the fresh air, so I went for a walk in the nearby countryside. There is a stretch of road where the pavement for pedestrians is very narrow and being a country road, vehicles go pretty fast. As I was walking towards the more quiet nature area I had this weird feeling of pulling up the wall every time a car went by having this deep intuition, that there might be an accident.

I only had a short walk as it was getting dark and as I was heading back on that stretch of dangerous road only 200m away from my home, I suddenly noticed that the cows are behaving a bit strange on the other side of the road. I stopped to watch them. It nearly felt like they are putting on a show. Out of the blue they were racing 20m up the field, then the 2 bulls were sort of wrestling, then they spotted me and they all ran to me, just staring at me, then running up and down again on a small stretch of land . Unusual behavior, I have never seen from them before and I watch them a lot during my walks. I like to communicate with them, sing or talk to them, they usually end up gathering all around me. They certainly kept me distracted this time and although during this time I did hear a huge noise as if a lorry fell apart and the metal pieces were falling to the ground, I sort of forgot about my intuitive sense that an accident might happen. So, after about 5 minutes of staring at the cows’ show, I realized getting back home, that a car crashed into the wall of the gate right next to the one where I live. If the cows did not stop me, I would have been right there, receiving all the debris that flew all over from the crashed car, that ended up spinning and flying over to the other side of the road. As I went up to my room, I was thinking how intuition is amazing, you really need to listen to it. But the coin only dropped for me this morning that the cows did put on a show to stop me from being there on the spot of the accident. Saved me from a traumatic experience. I am so grateful to them.

Now, that I am writing this note, it suddenly occurred to me, that when I moved here in May, there was a huge crowd of crows cawing in a very spooky way right where the accident happened. Felt like an omen at the time, and about 2 years ago I had a similar experience back in Hungary. I escaped a huge crash in a spot where I have seen a massive crowd of crows a month back and I felt the same omen. My lucky escape that time was that my car broke down the night before and I could not make the trip to hold a course in a country town. My students who were traveling to me instead of me driving to them, saw the accident and told me they felt if I came to them, I would have been in that crash. Nothing is as it seems. A breakdown or a distraction from nature can be a blessing in disguise. Now, I am not saying that every time that crows caw in a crowd there will be an accident, but when your gut tells you, there is something weird, just beware. Listen to nature! Mother nature and the universe is working with us in a beautiful, magical ways. Savior universe, thank you again!

Sending you all lots of love and light from my magical life!

Nóra Hormay

Mandorla and Heart Light Healer and teacher

Ascension wayshower

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