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Surrendered in LoveStock

As an ascension wayshower, I have been talking about our potential future for a while, that is coming our way. An opportunity to live from our heart and soul with kindness, forgiveness, acceptance, unity consciousness, in peace and with deep unconditional love. Also, more and more awakening people feel that the key to our future lies in communities. At this point for most, this is all theory, feelings, intuitions, visions coming from within, including myself. Then came the LoveStock festival and rocked my world. I had to realize how change can be a challenge, but surrendering to something new is beautiful and liberating. There is a lot of change coming, we are learning to adapt to the constantly changing world ahead of us, I am no exception. My divine guides shown me within a matter of 2,5days what it feels like to surrender to change and experience something in a joyful way and how to do that, we need to step out of our comfort zone sometimes. It is really all down to consciousness and intention.

I signed up to LoveStock festival in July to offer my energetic healing services and talk publicly about ascension, the shift in consciousness. My motivation, as always, was to bring positive change, love into other people’s lives. Never occurred to me, that this festival is going to teach me and change me, BIG TIME. As I started to prepare for it, I felt a lot of resistance and fear of discomfort coming up. I am not much of a festival person, never slept overnight at a festival, also, being way too sensitive energetically, crowd, noise is challenging for a longer period of time for me. The fear part was more about how I am going to cope with not having a shower for 3 days, live wild in nature in a tent, cold, possibly wet circumstances. For some people this is a regular experience, but I never had camping holidays with my parents or my sons, so I am not used to it - especially in my beloved rainy Ireland.

When we arrived to the festival the night before with my friends, I was there with all my good intentions. I was amazed by the beauty of the farm, the view from my tent took my breath away and the more I walked around, the more magical things I found. Standing stones, a crag with amazing energy, presence of fairies palpable, etc. There was a very old tractor whizzing around helping stuck cars. The organizers were obviously doing this from the heart.

On the first day of the festival, I have talked to beautiful people, had deep conversations, gave lovely free hugs. Half way down, we relocated our gazebo, the place where we setup the night before, just did not feel right. Organizers agreed and instantly offered help to move. Dinner time came, and went to the hot food tent, but found no gluten free option on the menu, but as soon as I said I am gluten sensitive Paul created an amazing rice stir-fry for me, and funny enough people standing in the queue behind me, asked for the same as it looked and actually tasted amazing. Gratitude to Angela and Paul who worked from early morning till late evening to feed us all weekend, truly from the heart, accommodating all needs to the best of their possibilities.

Evening came and despite all the kindness and positive things from the day, I still felt a lot of tension and resistance within. I was challenged by the noise – a mixture of music, generator, people talking in the neighboring tents very loud - maybe they were shielded from vision, but not the sound. When I went to sleep at the end of the first day of the festival, I was annoyed with myself, why can I not open up to this new experience with more flexibility. Not feeling proud of it, I felt like a stick-in-the-mud, “grumpy old woman”, which I am not normally. I realized how much effort it actually took to adapt to something so fundamentally new and out of comfort zone to me.

I have not slept much, but in the morning I sat in my tent watching the beautiful view, then walking at the crag having strong energetic downloads I made a decision, that I SURRENDER. I open up to anything new, step over my comfort zone and just that inner decision changed the whole experience from then on. Sometimes we do not realize that we are in the way of our own happiness and liberation with our old ways, routines, belief-systems. Routine is the enemy of freedom for sure.

With that new self, I walked out in the rain, under a totally overcast sky, still having the hope that the sun will eventually come out - which it did, although for very short peaks. The music started to play on the stage and me and my friend started to dance in the rain asking the sun to come out. It felt amazing. Another lady came out joining our dance. It was empowering. I felt great. Many visitors decided to go home because of the weather, but strangely with my surrendering, way more people came for healing sessions during the day.

I had a walk around the stalls and at one of them twin brothers were selling crystal pendants. I was delighted to find, that they had Connemara marble as well, which I was looking for ever since I arrived to Ireland in September last year. When you are in alignment with your happy self, things come easy. I had a lovely group of people coming to my talk, listening with an open heart. After that, I joined a ceili, which was fantastic. Again joy overflowing. Then we had some dinner with my friends and the traditional Irish folk concert was just starting on stage. To the greatest surprise of my friends, who witnessed my tension the day before, I suggested that we go and dance in front of the stage in the rain. I was excited about the thought of it. It was the most amazing experience. I felt WILD AND FREE! Some people were dancing barefoot in the mud, children rolling around, being pulled in the mud with a string by grandma, having a great laugh. I know my parents would have told me to behave and not get dirty.

What a difference seeing the two ends of the scale of strictness and liberty. We were smiling that MudStock could be the new name and we should also do mud angels on the ground. There were not many people left, mostly the organizers and vendors and the “hard core” visitors, but we had a craic. I know the old me, many years ago would have been worried about my coat getting wet, my long hair getting soaked, how is it going to dry in the rain and the cool tent and I might get a cold in the night – all old programs placed by cautious parents. I enjoyed the moment so much, that none of those old programs mattered, they were shattered. I just wanted to take the most of the experience, totally living life from the heart and the moment. Irish music makes me come alive anyway ever since I was little, but this was something unimaginable. The band was amazing! Joy and the state of universal love was all I felt. Just to set the record straight, I am not criticizing my parents, they loved us and did their best. They were brought up with restrictions and strictness and they just carried it on. I obviously chose them, to learn to break free of these patterns. I thought I was way more liberated as a parent than they were, but after this experience, I know I was nowhere near a truly liberated parent. And I did sleep with wet hair that night and not caught a cold. I guess it is like firewalking. If we believe it will not burn, it will not. What we believe in, makes a huge impact on our life.

When I thought it cannot get any better, suddenly the band finished and the campfire was lit by

the fire of Beltane in Uisneach fire ceremony. All people gathered around and we said our gratitude to Sean Kilkenny, the owner of the land, who worked really hard to accommodate the event. I knew nothing about his story, but around the fire he shared through a very powerful monologue. It was not really the words, but the energy, the fact that it was coming from the heart. And I was so deeply touched. A man who lost his business, was fighting for his own wellbeing and his family’s, his sanity and his amazing horses. His struggles were genuine and the whole event turned into this beautiful, heartfelt sharing of people. I know I am not born Irish, but I felt so deeply in my heart, more then ever, that I belong here. The feeling of patriotism awakened in me – emerging from my parallel lives in Ireland. I felt like we stepped into another timeframe. It nearly seemed unreal, yet so beautiful. We were all one big heart, united in an amazing community. A girl played the guitar and sang a song beautifully. A man turned out to have picked up harp playing during lockdown and played for us, and more performances followed. I felt blessed to be part of this community. There was something truly amazing happening energetically.

I went to sleep with no frustration at all, happy with my wet hair, with all that love and joy in my heart. I could still hear a small group of people playing music around the fire, but now it felt like a lullaby. In the morning I woke up and people were getting together under one vendor’s tent having teas, sharing cakes and talking. I know my journey is to travel more and more, working with mother nature and spread my healing to the people of this land, but I have no concept of it, how this “gypsy” life will work out. How synchronistic is the universe to have a woman talking to me while sipping our tea, who lives that way for quite a few years now. I was grateful for her sharing her journey on that path. There were many more stories, synchronicities, but I will not go into more details.

Just before we left the farm, we went to say goodbye and thanks to Sean and the organizers. He was sitting at the perpetual fire, that he calls the Fire of hope, that he kept alive for 40 months or more. The night before, he shared, that he has a site for donations and if we can, we should spread the word about his struggles to maintain the horses and his vision of creating a healing place on that land and ask our friends to donate towards the cause. We decided to donate, too. He is a humble, hard working, beautiful soul. I expressed my gratitude for changing my life for the better, through this weekend. He had tears rolling down his face he was so touched by our kindness and words of gratitude.

As we were leaving, I realized I had a taste of true example of how our communities are going to live. How kindness, support, unconditional love, unity, creativity will work in physical action. This whole weekend was like the miniature version of the future I personally would like to build with my creative thoughts. I no longer just talk about it, I felt it deep in my heart. You could ask, why am I sharing these stories? Because I like to teach through example. There is no better and more authentic way, than sharing my own stories, to show, that whatever boundaries we can break through, other people can do to. They will see how change is possible, even within a matter of a weekend. I want to show people how they can choose to be free, happy, joyful and make big changes in their lives. Anything is possible! All you need to do is SURRENDER, let go of the old patterns and belief systems. I believe in building a new loving future, communities based on love and kindness. That is the kind of future I wish for humanity and our children. This weekend I was shown that there is hope for such visions to come true. Start with surrendering and making peace within yourself and that will be reflected in the world around you.

This is the link to a donation site to Sean Kilkenny’s fundraising site to support him in recovering from the loss he suffered, to support the wellbeing of his amazing horses and to make his vision to create a healing and retreat center to support people going through similar difficulties.

I personally dedicated my life to spread love, forgiveness, acceptance, heart- and Christ-consciousness (unconditional love consciousness) and to help awaken humanity to hope and a better future. I support people through healing sessions, healing circles, workshops, healing method courses. I help building communities through women circles. You can find more details on my website on my Facebook and Instagram:

Le grá

Nóra Hormay

Heart Light Healer and teacher

Ascension wayshower

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