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To Oneness through the Divine Feminine

I have been following the movements of the planets and stars in the sky lately more than before. Venus and Mars, the planets representing the masculine and feminine energy were pretty active in February and still are. And we know as above, so below, so if they dance around in the sky with many alignments, it means this is the perfect time to work on the related wounds, patterns and blueprints. It is time for deep cleansing, it is pretty much forced. It made me curious, so I kept analyzing my birth chart in more depth as a result, as I felt it can give a lot of understanding in this moment of shift transitions and deep healings. I also found out that not only the stars and planets affect us, but the asteroids as well. And they all go back to mythology, but I will return to that later.

You may ask, why is it so important to work on these topics (masculine-feminine energy, relationship patterns)? The answer is that we are in a huge shift in consciousness and are in the process of ascending to a 5th dimensional, love-based reality, living with Christ consciousness (=divine unconditional love consciousness) and heart consciousness. For us to be able to do that, it is a crucial, essential element to bring the masculine and feminine energy into balance within us. Also to upgrade the relationship blueprints we have created in the past, which are not really based on love, certainly not in its divine meaning. Same could go for sexuality, which is also hugely distorted from its original divine nature and has been degraded to a very instinctive act. Ascension cannot take place without awakening the pure feminine energy in both men and women, as we all carry 50% masculine and 50% feminine energy irrespective of our gender. So, when I say a healed feminine energy is the key to ascension, I am not saying women are the key, but women and men all have to awaken that gentle, kind, loving nature of the feminine within.

Now, since Venus is very active up in the sky that means the feminine energy is up for a deep cleansing and transformation. I certainly had lot of recognitions in February about the divine feminine and relationship patterns. It hit me yesterday, that we do not seem to separate the divine masculine energy into archetypes, at least I never came across it in the past 15 years of my spiritual journey. However, the feminine has been divided in many different ways.

In Irish tradition, they talk about the goddess of warmth (Brigit), wisdom (Cailleach) and warfare (Morrigan). The Goddess of warmth is the nurturing, helpful, kind archetype who would help all the vulnerable. The goddess of wisdom is the crone, the wisdom bearer with lots of life experiences. And the goddess of warfare is the fierce one, protecting her people and her land with war if that needs to be.

In general, the feminine energy has 3 archetypes, although some differentiate 7 or even 13 (crazy right?), but let’s stick to the 3: virgin, mother and the crone. And even some of these are regularly misinterpreted. The virgin, that is sometimes called maiden is totally not a virgin, it is the young woman fully in her sexual power, far from being a virgin. Also, it is mostly believed that these are steps in a woman’s life. Although I agree that it is part of our process of maturing as a woman, however these three qualities are present at all times, an integrated part of the feminine energy. When we are in our sexual power, passionate fire energy and that is not limited by age, we use our virgin aspect, when we nurture /mother something let it be a child, a project, a plant in our garden or even a community, we are using our mothering aspect. And there is the crone, the wise grandmother. However, feminine wisdom, which usually comes from our immense capacity of intuition which is a deep connection to the divine energies and source is always a potential part of a woman. Although for millennia, we have been living in a patriarchal society, in the olden days, women were the spiritual leaders through their strong connection to the divine. When I say “leaders”, to me it never means they are better, more, they play the role of wayshowership through their skills and by example. There is a good reason why they say: behind every successful man there is a strong, loving woman. Women and men, the masculine and feminine energy need each other to co-create.

Another 2 archetypes of the feminine that regularly comes up during healing is Lilith and Eve. This week this was a particularly strong topic. In the story of creation Lilith was the original partner of Adam, a strong woman created from source in her full feminine power, created to be an equal partner, however Adam refused equality. So, Adam requested another woman, as a result Eve was created from Adam, which energetically made her inferior. These days Lilith is associated with the wild sexual woman and Eve is the typical housewife, loving mother and all kindness, but not so much in her sexual power. But I believe that we should all live both roles, integrated in one, no matter what position we are in a connection. Again, bringing these archetypes into balance within is the key. (I recommend the workshop I hold: Masters’ higher vibration).

Having spent the week in bed, pretty sick, I had plenty of time to do inner healing. I kept pulling the card of Relationship from one of my angel decks and it says your relationship is a reflection of the connection you have with yourself, but most of all with God. I am strongly guided by my divine guides, but also realized, it is not God I refer to. I had to face that my connection to the religious kind of patriarchal masculine God is pretty poor. I do not trust “him” as I felt he let us down. I also know, that a woman’s relationship is firstly affected by the connection with her father, and also affected by the way the father treated her mother. I have done a fair share of healing on that topic already in the past. Healing always happens on many levels, but the 3 essential ones were (I am using “were” as I more and more feel the past as we knew it, is crumbling away, getting wiped out of our consciousness) the physical, the soul and the spirit level. So, working with my parental relationship patterns, plus my relationships in this lifetime is the physical level. If we want to dig deeper, then we can tap into our past (more like parallel lives, as there is no time in the universe), wounds gathered from other incarnations; our infinite soul level. Our parallel lives’ wounds affect how we relate in this lifetime and we usually attract men who will reflect our wounds that needs healing. At the end of the day, that is part of the purpose of our incarnation, to face our wounds and heal them, transform them. So, never blame your partner (or your parents), you chose him/her to help you mirror your wounds and help to remind you what needs healing within you. If you realize the TRUTH, which is that you are one with the creator and you create your reality, you can step out of the victim role, the martyrdom, and you soon realize if you have created this situation, you can change it. WITHIN! And your partner is likely to change with you.

And there is the spirit level, which on a personal level is a field of energy holding your skills, your higher aspects. However, for a while I struggled to understand how I can work on or heal my spirit level wounds. What are they??? Up until few years ago, it came across pretty strong that I have to look at my connection to God / Source/ Great spirit – no matter what we call it. What wounds do I carry with God? It was probably the deepest one of all, realizing that not being able to trust men, could come from not trusting God, the great masculine figure we created in our psyche, the divine father figure. First of all, I felt God let me down in the most painful experiences: loss of partner or child, human cruelty, war, famine etc. Recently reading more about mythology, how Roman, Greek, Celtic Gods and Goddesses created a real mess in terms of relationship patterns, disrespect, mean behavior, they are pretty far from the examples I would like to follow, so of course my image of God and connection to God was wounded. What I had to realize, that it is not God, who let us down, but us separating ourselves from our divinity and allowed to be guided by religious and other leaders who were hiding the TRUTH – but that is where our consciousness level was at the time. We are living the time now when we are reuniting with our divine beingness and taking control of our own life and consciousness.

Once you have gone through all these levels, essentially realizing that we are living in a total illusion as our reality, I decided it is time to bring my connection with God back to love. To do that, we have to get rid of the separation, since I am and all of you are one with God. That is the TRUTH. If I am one with God, I might as well love myself, which is why self-love is so crucial in this whole process. Then we can start living as divine beings once that love is regained, and we can create divine relationships once the masculine and feminine energy is in balance within.

I found this quote 2,5 years ago and it totally resonated with me and it still does:

“A Woman that has a strong inner connection to her Heart will uplift a Man into his higher calling and will support him in aligning his Soul to his purpose. A Man who has surrendered to his Heart, will keep his Woman forever.  

He is her Warrior, She is his Oracle.

You have to understand the yin and yang of duality to understand the oneness of life.. Any creation has a masculine polarity and a feminine polarity.. Before you can begin the journey into oneness You have to understand that duality is part of existence.. Once you understand this principle, you begin to understand how to co-create..”  - Amartya Dasgupta

I am a true believer that co-creation is very much needed here, but without restoring the deep connection with God and between our masculine and feminine side WITHIN OURSELVES, we cannot expect to live the divine relationships in the physical, so many of us are yearning for. Always look for the answers within you! Heal the wounds within, transform the outdated patterns, belief-systems and create new ones, that is best for you, to bring your relationships to a new level. Some choose to do this work while staying alone, some do it in a relationship, both of them can be challenging in different ways, have no judgment on either ways. Results will come if you persist. Just remember, the answers are always within you!

Since we established that we are one with God, so we are all One. We need to understand that humanity is one “cloud” of consciousness. Everyone effects everyone. So, if you want to live in a loving world, choose love! Lift yourself into the state of grace and forgiveness and let go of all that was in the past, chose something new and better. Create peace, by making peace within!

If you want to go deep in understanding your typical relationship challenges to improve the one you have or the kind you would like to have, ask an astrologist to look at your birth chart focusing on the 7th house (relationship) and also on the position of Venus and Mars at the time you were born. Look for someone who works with the stars and the asteroids (like Juno, Ceres, Chiron, Lilith etc. - mythology all around), not just the planets, as the deeper answers reside in the complexity of them together. I was recommended an excellent book, which I highly recommend: Demetra George: Asteroid Goddesses

I can support you in the healing process through my healing circles, workshops and one-to-one healing sessions/consultations.

As I was writing this blog, I instantly felt that I want to do a healing circle for this topic. So here it goes: Integrate the divine feminine - healing circle coming up in Cork city on the 22nd March 6-9pm in Dervish Bookshop:

Lots of love and light to you all,

Nóra Hormay

Heart Light healer and wayshower

Women circle facilitator

Source of image: AI generated in Canva




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