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Walk by my side!

I regularly wonder how could I best describe my role in life, what I do, but never quite find the right way to express it. I am a spiritual teacher, but I do not like the word teacher, as I am not really teaching, I more like remind you of what you already know, you just do not remember. Your spirit knows, your physical self does not remember. Step by step I help you to reach a vibration, where you can access all that you are, all the potential held by your spirit, your higher self. In Hungary we actually call ourselves “awakeners” (I know there is no such word), the one, who helps you to awaken to who you really are. I am also a healer, but that is a word I also do not like, as it is not me who heals you, it is you, who does it, I just support you, I hold space, I channel supporting energy and information for you to understand, but the healing is really done by you.

Every year for the past many years I have the ritual of pulling cards of my favourite card decks (angel, goddess, tarot..) on New Years day to reflect on what energies will best describe my coming year. I have always been a great fan of the Aura Soma Tarot card and that is one of the cards my friend pulls from for me. Most people who are part of my life knows that I am crazy about green color, but specifically one kind of olive green. For 2023 I pulled the card of the Aura Soma bottle that is olive green both at the top and bottom. I love cards and the descriptions are always spot on, no exception this time. What really caught my eyes is a motto, that describes the kind of feminine leadership that represents the energy of the bottle:

“Do not lead me, I will not follow! Do not follow me, I will not lead you! Walk by me and we will reach our goal!” and I felt overjoyed, I have finally found my motto.

That is exactly how I feel about what I do, who I am. If you need support in any aspect of your life you can walk by my side for a while on my path. While you walk by me, I share my journey, I share how I did it, I share all that I know, so that you can do it, too. You can find your way back to who you truly are. That is what I can do. I am not your teacher, I am not your healer, I just share my experience, I share who I became, so that you can heal, so that you can awaken, so that you can live your full potential and from then on you will no longer walk by me, you will walk on and that is how it should be. We meet time to time, but you will no longer need me and yet our beautiful connection will always be there, the loving experience, the gentle way we touched each other’s soul, as that is why you chose me, not someone else. And all that I could give you, will be passed on through you, as you will do just the same. You will share your journey and you will give hope to others, just like I gave hope to you.

Come and walk by me! I would love to give you hope, to reach the goal with you and see your joy and happiness, your rebirth to a new you.

What is it exactly that I can do, when you decide to walk by me?

- I channel healing energy of the Rainbowlight through very gentle, pampering energetic treatments, with an unconditional love energy in which you awaken to self-love and self-healing (Energetic healing supports you in case you suffer from stress, anxiety, insomnia, emotional or physical pain, trauma, addictions, have relationship or ambition issues, if you feel lost and do not know why you are here and many more cases)

- I can give you a pampering, relaxing treatment, as if you were stroked by angels, just to give yourself a real, uplifting treat in this busy, rushing life

- I channel a healing energy which I call Mandorla, that supports DNA activation, increases vibration preparing us for living in the coming golden age. If you are a healer or on a deep spiritual journey and you feel you are stagnant, I can support you in making the next shift with this energy

- I provide guidance, or guide you through a journeying if necessary to make you understand the root of negative patterns, emotional blocks you cannot shift and help you transform them

- I can give you guidance about your difficulties in life with angel cards or just simple counselling, as an intuitive medium

- I can support your awakening to your true self with 1 to 1 healing sessions or workshops of spiritual development or group healing

- I can help you to connect your seven soul aspects to feel supported and release sudden unreasonable emotional mood swings

- I support you in recalling your lost soul fragments to feel unity and wholeness

- You can choose to just talk and I listen, and let you do your own healing through talking and being in a safe healing environment, the energy works anyway

- If you are a healer, I can awaken you to a beautiful method (Heart Light Touch energetic healing) to use as a healer

- I can support you in fertility issues through releasing emotional blocks, family patterns

- I can support people in crossing over on both physical and soul level

- I help people to raise their consciousness, I share my experience and knowledge about ascension into 5th dimension

- Etc.

If you choose to walk by me, I open up my heart to you and do all that I can, to make you reach your goal short or long term, whatever that might be.

Let’s make this new year a better one, together!

Lots of love and light,

Nóra Hormay

Heart Light wayshower

Self-awareness consultant

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